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Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

“I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.”

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“Her silence says everything she needed to say.”

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*takes butt pic*
*admires butt pic*
Aight koo
*deletes butt pic*

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“No human should mislead another by promising them something they know to be untrue.”

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Rice terraces, China


Rice terraces, China

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remember when zack and cody entered a parallel universe

and london was smart


and maddie was dumb


and esteban was a woman


so basically they were their stereotypes

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